Corporate Boxing

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Next Show: July 2018

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What Is Corporate Boxing

Corporate Boxing is where men and women from the white-collar professions train like a real boxer to box on different Corporate Boxing events throughout the year.

The key to its success is that participants have little or no previous experience of boxing. The trend originated in New York in the 90s and has become more popular since. Tower Fitness puts on various Corporate Boxing shows throughout the year and are always looking for new companies, business individuals to take part. Participating in our Corporate Boxing is an experience like you have never felt before. Nothing compares to the adrenaline of fighting like a real boxer in front of a crowd cheering your name.


Contests are all over 3 x 2 minute rounds with all participants wearing full protection, including 16oz Gloves, Headgear and Groin protectors. On the night, you will box in either RED/BLUE strips that will be provided by Tower Fitness. We will also supply you with a head guard and gloves.

Train Like A Real Boxer For 12 Weeks

No previous experience is needed for the Corporate Boxing contests although you may have to spar and train in front of Tower Fitness trainers to ensure that you are ready to take part. Once you have been approved to take part, you will be given a full training program to carry out over the 12 weeks until the boxing evening. You do not have to train with us all of the time although as a minimum requirement we advise that you attend at least two of our training sessions a week.

Once the competitors have been selected you will be able to attend sessions throughout the week that will help you to train like a real boxer, which includes; Skipping, Shadow Boxing, Technique, Sparring, Foot Work drills and Fight Conditioning. We will also be on hand if you need any extra help during training for one to one sessions.

Be Ready For The Following:

  • The hardest training you would have ever encountered.
  • The biggest buzz you will ever have.
  • Make your entrance to the ring to your own theme tune.
  • Be the hero in your work place and the talk of the town between friends.
  • Train for the fight of your life and enjoy the thrill.
  • Challenge yourself to get seriously fit and healthy.
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